Nathan Tiv - Director

Hi im Nathan Tiv,

I'm the founder and head artist here at East Coast Hair Ink, located on the Gold coast in Queensland, Australia. How my journey began to become an SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation). Artist was early 2021 after many years of trialling many different lines of work. From various building trades, i.e. Bricklayer, Roof restoration and general labourer on building sites, then transitioning over to a sales career Selling cars at a well-known auto group on the gold coast. Over those years, in particular, I realised 1. I don't want to be slaving away at a job site in the Queensland heat. Secondly, I had a knack for building rapport and providing exceptional customer service in my sales career.

Through that part of my life, I had learned a tremendous amount about the career I was in and myself. What I found it just wasn't providing that spark I wanted. Fast forward to 2019, my next career move was to Personal training. I had always had a passion for fitness but felt my true calling was to help people feel better and be better versions of themselves. Unfortunately, due to the saturated market on the gold coast, it wasn't financially viable to continue. This is where my step into barbering started.

This was the big eye-opener for me as it was such a sensational feeling helping men just look and feel better after their haircut. Not only that, but hearing the stories of men and what some do go through it gave me the drive to help more. I have always been an advocate for mental health have seen how some men who would come through were affected by their thinning hair. So I began my research to see what was out there. I came across Hairline solutions in Australia. Jana and Shannon, the leading and most well-respected SMP Artists in the country, worked and trained me to become the SMP artist I am today.

And what can I say? The satisfaction I received from the first SMP treatment and the confidence it gave the individual I performed the treatment on was phenomenal. From that moment, I knew this was the career for me. I enjoy it thoroughly, as it is not just about the confidence I get to give someone going through hair loss. But to hear and talk to my clients and have those chats person to person and learn about different cultures and views on life. Not only that, but it is an art form and being able to express myself In a way that replicates realistic hair. At the same time, I provide such a confidence boost for my clients.